CITYLIGHTS~街の灯 Development Session 5

I couldn’t sleep on Friday night again because I was thinking too much and feeling nervous. Anyway, it was good rehearsal!

毎週金曜の夜は眠れません。なぜなら緊張と考えすぎのため。 しかし稽古はとても良かったと思います!

We spent most of our time working on the short performance. The young people remembered lots of new material.


After I arrived at home I checked the rehearsal videos. Everyone was smiling a lot.


We are currently working on the flyer, advertisements, installation material and trying to start a Pozible campaign. Soon we’ll announce information about it.


I was thinking too much and couldn’t sleep the night after the rehearsal as well. Next rehearsal is at the venue. WOW! Exciting!!! We’ll do our best.