Our new blog is open! ブログ作りました!

Photo by Manaho Kaneko

Photo by Manaho Kaneko

Hello people! In this blog we are going to write about the progress of our current projects.

こんにちは、初めまして。Murasaki Penguinのブログです。こちらでは色々現在進行中のプロジェクトの日記などを更新していきたいと思います。

This week we started to build a prototype of the CITYLIGHTS~街の灯 installation.

今週から新作のCITYLIGHTS~街の灯 インスタレーションの試作を作り始めてます。

Many kinds of leaves.


We went to 80/20 Australia. It is an aluminium extrusion factory in Seven Hills, Sydney. The owner was very friendly and seemed to be wondering what we are going to use it for.


After that we moved to Enmore to look at Washi Paper. The shop was called ‘amazing paper’. There was an amazing selection, just like the name. It was very pretty and beautiful. I was surprised that even I had never heard of some of the material’s Japanese tree names.


Today we had a meeting with Caitlin from Shopfront and Ohira san from STspot. It is great that we can have proper meetings between countries whenever we want without big problems. Hopefully everything will go well.


At our Sydney venue, the Clealand Bond Building.


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