i let my body fall into a rhythm in The Ian Potter Museum of Art

Photo by Asialink

Heather B Swann’s ‘i let my body fall into a rhythm‘ will be coming in The Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne after big two weeks in BUoY, Tokyo. Anna will be performing again in the Melbourne installation.

先月に北千住BUoYで開催されたヘザーBスワンの個展「i let my body fall into a rhythm」がオーストラリア、メルボルンを巡回します。黒田が再びパフォーマーで参加致します。

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Travelling in March

Recently I (Anna) ran a masterclass as part of Asia TOPA, Body Archive program at Dancehouse, Melbourne.

メルボルン、ダンスハウスで行われたAsia TOPAフェスティバル一貫のBody Archive programにてワークショップをしました。
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Masterclass with Anna Kuroda

Photo by bozzo

Photo by bozzo

Anna will be teaching a masterclass ‘Working with Windows’ at Dancehouse in Melbourne as part of Asia TOPA Festival. Further details HERE.
This workshop is suitable for people who would like to approach dance from an internal, minimal perspective.
You will be invited to explore the choreographic concept of Murasaki Penguin’s current work ‘Window‘. Trace views through windows etched in your mind from the past. See the architecture you are surrounded by at this moment. Leading with your eyes, ‘seeing’ then slowly drawing space increases awareness of micro changes in body and space.

Date: Thursday, 2 March 10am-2pm
Cost:  $40 Full | $25 Dancehouse member
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She will also be joining a Rountable discussion ‘Continuing the contemporary’ with Eko Supriyanto (Indonesia) and Victoria Chiu (Aus/China), facilitated by How Ngean.

Date: Saturday, 4 March 11am-12:30pm
Cost: FREE
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