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  • Dove Lake at Dance Lab 2023 complete

    Dove Lake at Dance Lab 2023 complete

    We finished presenting our new work Dove Lake at Dance Lab 2023, SCOOL, Mitaka. Please see details on the Dove Lake page. Dance Lab 2023 にて新作「Dove Lake」@三鷹SCOOLでの上演を無事終えました。作品についてはDove Lakeページをご覧ください。

  • New creation Stutter with RAW Moves in Singapore

    We are off to Singapore to create our new work, ‘Stutter‘, commissioned by RAW Moves. We are very excited to make our second work with RAW Moves, following on from ‘Subtle Downtempo No’ in 2019. Thanks to Ricky Sim, Director of RAW Moves for inviting us and thanks to the National Arts Council Singapore, Saison…

  • On Offline Days

    I (Anna) just finished 3 months working on a film. David finished Leading is Following is Leading at Liveworks Festival. We have been taking some online classes. There were some great experiences along the way. 私は7月より再開した映画の撮影も無事終わり、デイビットはLiveworksのフェスティバルも終わり、近頃はオンラインのクラスやワークショップを受けています。とても良かったその一部をご紹介。

  • Subtle Downtempo No with RAW Moves

    We are going to make a new full length work ‘Suble Downtempo No’ in collaboration with Singaporean dance company RAW Moves. The premiere is on the 25th July 2019 at Block O, Goodman Arts Centre. Tickets are available here.Please stay tuned to this blog and RAW Moves Facebook for more information. シンガポールのダンスカンパニーRAW Movesの委託により新作「Subtle Downtempo No」を共同制作、発表致します。初演公開日は2019年7月25日、会場はGoodman…

  • New work in development

    We have been working on our new project in Studio 404, Parramatta. This residency was given to us by Form Dance. The new work’s idea is based on Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania. Anna visited during a residency with Reina Kimura through Critical Path last year. There are lines of bubbles on the surface on…

  • Performance at Singapore Inside Out

      Motion Theory Ong Kian Peng (SG) x Murasaki Penguin (AUS) Singapore Inside Out, Kensington Street, Chippendale, Sydney Taking reference from a hyperboloid, “Motion Theory” is a collaboration between Ong and Murasaki Penguin. This kinetic installation transforms the streetscape with its fluid forms and visual projections. Togther with live performances during specific times of the…

  • Install Day 1

    This week is install week for the Near x Far exhibition opening on the 22nd of July.

  • Murasaki Penguin’s new work ‘Sit’ at NEAR X FAR

    Murasaki Penguin’s new installation ‘Sit’ will be a part of NEAR X FAR Exhibition at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre from 22nd July until 17th September. This is an inspiration image.

  • Japan trip overview

    Japan trip completed! We are back in Sydney. さよなら日本の夏、ただいまシドニーの冬

  • Workshop at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

    WORKSHOPS: STUDIO SWITCH | PHYSICAL COPY WITH ANNA KURODA Booking tickets Saturday 2 July 10.30am | $5 Join Anna Kuroda in unique multi-disciplinary workshop exploring language and dance. Learn to use a traditional Japanese calligraphy brush, and work with Anna as you recreate the movements of the brush strokes with choreographed movements.