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  • Murasaki Penguin Project Totsuka Opening Event

    After a 2-and-a-half year journey we are finally launching the new performing arts and multimedia space ‘MURASAKI PENGUIN PROJECT TOTSUKA’ in Yokohama. Everyone is welcome to watch the opening event live stream on the 3rd of September. Please help us out by following this link and subscribing to our new YouTube channel today! If you…

  • On Offline Days

    I (Anna) just finished 3 months working on a film. David finished Leading is Following is Leading at Liveworks Festival. We have been taking some online classes. There were some great experiences along the way. 私は7月より再開した映画の撮影も無事終わり、デイビットはLiveworksのフェスティバルも終わり、近頃はオンラインのクラスやワークショップを受けています。とても良かったその一部をご紹介。