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  • Illuminate Wollondilly 2019

    David is working on Illuminate Wollondilly Festival happening this Saturday 18th May. Building projections along the main street of Picton will be highlights from the last 4 years of works by artists and students both local and international. There will also be a selection of new works on display developed during workshops earlier this year.…

  • Hello Winter

    We have had a very busy autumn here in Sydney. 5月はこちらは秋ですがとても忙しい日々を過ごしていました。

  • IlluminARTe 2017 pictures

    We would like to share some images from the IlluminARTe Wollondilly Festival 2017. This stunning air brush painting is by Daus Von Roe. All works on this page were mapped to buildings by Murasaki Penguin for Wollondilly Shire Council.

  • April Update

    This Saturday 29th is IlluminARTe Wollondilly Festival in Picton. Please join! 今週土曜日今年もピクトンで行われるフェスティバルの映像をしてます。

  • May Update

    June is coming… もうすぐ6月。

  • Upcoming projects in May

    Upcoming projects in May… 5月にあるプロジェクトのおしらせです。

  • Update on current movement

    In April and May Anna and David each had individual projects. Here are some images. 4-5月は個人で活動していました。以下作品の写真です。 IlluminARTe Wollondilly Festival @ Picton. David was one of the projection designers/mappers along with Khaled Sabsabi and Jerome Pearce. Content was also provided by local artists. デイビットはピクトンで行われたIlluminARTe Wollondilly Festivalのプロジェクションマッピングのデザインをカレッドサブサビとジェロームピアスと制作しました。映像の元になる絵や人物は地元のアーティストより提供されました。

  • Upcoming Projects April – July

    Hello! 2015 has started calmly… 2015年静かに幕をあける…