Development Shima for Wellington 1

Next Murasaki Penguin project is a light installation ‘Shima for Wellington’ at Wellington Lux Festival, New Zealand.
This original idea is came from ‘Shima’ at Underbelly Arts Festival 2011. See photos underneath and Shima page.

次のMurasaki PenguinのプロジェクトはWellington Lux Festivalでの光の展示「Shima for Wellington」になります。
元のアイディアは2011年Underbelly Arts Festivalで制作・発表されたShimaがベースになっています。(以下写真、詳しくはShimaの作品ページ)

Murasaki Penguin 'Shima' photo by Gemma Pitcher

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Rewards Completed!


Finally we finished making the the rewards for our Citylights~街の灯 Pozible Campaign supporters.

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