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  • Trisha Brown Workshop in Yokohama 2024 Complete

    Trisha Brown Workshop in Yokohama 2024 Complete

    Murasaki Penguin hosted ‘Dancing Decoy and Lining Up — A Trisha Brown Repertory Workshop with Lisa Kraus‘ from the 13th to 14th of April 2024 at Murasaki Penguin Project Totsuka. It was a very special time with the participants and Lisa Kraus from Trisha Brown Dance Company.Thank you to everyone who travelled to MPP Totsuka…

  • Trisha Brown Workshop in Yokohama

    Trisha Brown Workshop in Yokohama

    A special workshop with Trisha Brown Dance Company will be held in Yokohama from Saturday, April 13th to Sunday, April 14th, 2024.Click here for details 2024年4月13日(土)~14日(日)トリシャブラウンダンスカンパニーと特別ワークショップを横浜で開催いたします。詳細はこちら

  • On Offline Days

    I (Anna) just finished 3 months working on a film. David finished Leading is Following is Leading at Liveworks Festival. We have been taking some online classes. There were some great experiences along the way. 私は7月より再開した映画の撮影も無事終わり、デイビットはLiveworksのフェスティバルも終わり、近頃はオンラインのクラスやワークショップを受けています。とても良かったその一部をご紹介。

  • Travelling in March

    Recently I (Anna) ran a masterclass as part of Asia TOPA, Body Archive program at Dancehouse, Melbourne. メルボルン、ダンスハウスで行われたAsia TOPAフェスティバル一貫のBody Archive programにてワークショップをしました。

  • Upcoming projects in July

    Upcoming projects in July… 7月のおしらせ

  • Workshop at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

    WORKSHOPS: STUDIO SWITCH | PHYSICAL COPY WITH ANNA KURODA Booking tickets Saturday 2 July 10.30am | $5 Join Anna Kuroda in unique multi-disciplinary workshop exploring language and dance. Learn to use a traditional Japanese calligraphy brush, and work with Anna as you recreate the movements of the brush strokes with choreographed movements.

  • May Update

    June is coming… もうすぐ6月。

  • DAIR Residency Day 7

    Wow! We tried a run through today. 今日は通し稽古でした。

  • DAIR Residency Day 6

    Day 6 finished. 6日目が終わりです。

  • Murasaki Penguin Depth Workshop and Showing