Citadel Complete!

Thank you everyone for coming along to Citadel.


Over two sets of fridays and weekends from the 29th of September to the 7th of October audience groups and the general public experienced Citadel – a future city dreamed up by young people working with Shopfront Contemporary Arts Centre.

It was amazing to see how audiences pushed Citadel forward, through interesting interactions with the performers and installations throughout the city of Hurstville.


Anna worked with 17 ensemble performers as well as young people from Beverly Hills IEC, Kogarah High School and Menai High School through outreach sessions. Her role was to the the performers develop their own choreography and movement.

David designed and coded a Citadel Map with Grant Moxom. The Map is a custom-made Android tablet app which helped audience groups find codes throughout Hurstville. The codes triggered videos and soundtracks created by the performers and outreach team. Young people also contributed ideas to the app itself, drawing code symbols and guardians which became a core part of the design.

The ensemble members worked very hard and made the work what it was. They created group performances as well as coming together for a large dance sequence about 18 times over the 6 days, even in the rain and wind. It was very impressive to see them constantly trying to improve and develop the show.


The event got great feedback and comments from the audience. We were really happy to hear this and really appreciate it.

Thank you very much to the people who made this work; the ensemble young performers, outreach members, Citadel app makers, Shopfront staff, tech team and lovely audience.


All photos above are from the Citadel Project and Shopfront Contemporary Art and Performance.