CITYLIGHTS~街の灯 Development Session 1

It was the first development session today with sunny weather. It was a time for full concentration because the first day is very important to explain and share one by one what we’ve done so far. During the time we were explaining the CITYLIGHTS~街の灯 concept I could feel how long we have already walked to get to this point. It was important to spend time writing the application stuff but I realised we have just arrived at the start line now.


In this picture the left side is the Australian venue and the right side is the Japanese venue.


I am very glad to work with these guys and excited to know how they react to what we are thinking, trying, wondering and interested in. We did movement practice including guiding our partner’s body, letting someone’s touch move us and expressing a word without speaking. It was very curious to see how people move to their next position. Their bodies are totally different to trained dancers or performers. The concentration point is very natural. I’d like to develop their natural body as much as I can.

彼らとこれから一緒に作っていける事がありがたいです。それに、彼らがどうやって、私達が考えたり、試したり、不思議に思ったり、おもしろいなと 思った事に反応するのかとても楽しみ。今日はパートナリングと言葉を使わない身体を使った会話の練習をしました。どうやって次の場所へ行くのか、とてもおもしろかった。とにかく、彼らの身体は曖昧さ自由さと自然に満ちてる。見ている所が鍛え上げられたダンサーやパフォーマーとは全然違う。その良さをどうやって引き出せるか、自分のできる限りを尽くし てのぞみたいです。

Testing one of the prototypes.


Getting there….


So much stuff to do before the next session!