CITYLIGHTS~街の灯 Development Session 2

The second development session was mainly movement. We started with simple Tai chi exercise, walking with our eyes closed and sculpture training, which is a development from last session.


We had 12 young people this time. They were trying to figure out how to not bump into each other in the space. That was good but we always ended up walking in a circle. Why always a circle? This is my big question from long time ago.


We developed sculpture training from duet to trio to six people in the end. They proposed many funny and interesting ideas. I was almost crying because sometimes their unexpected movement was too amazing. They are awesome.


I added tasks one by one to the basic sculpture idea. After the exercises we did feedback. Some of the young people said “I was very restricted.” “I was paralysed like a doll.” “If you choose something, you can’t change it. It is like whatever decision you make you are stuck with it.” “It was difficult in this way to create something.” I agree. In the mind we have to do many things making it hard for the body to control exactly what we want. There is distance between the body and the mind. When I watched I felt this distance made the body let go and make space. The body will try to find a more simple way. I could see very interesting moment from outside. It was a new discovery in this session. I’d like to research this area more.


In the afternoon we developed the idea of telling words without speaking from last week. They prepared beautiful movement which expressed their five favourite words.


Some of the new people also made movement instantly. I felt a difference between those who were there last week and those who weren’t. Some people were more literal and others expressed their understanding of the word from their own experience.


We then started to do body conversation with a partner and then 4 people. It was very abstract in a great way. After the exercise I thought the quality of words being expressed through movement were changing all the time, meaning the context of the actual words are also probably changing around us all the time.


Thank you so much for concentrating guys!! You did a good job.

みんな良く集中できました。 ありがとう!





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