CITYLIGHTS~街の灯 Development Session 4

Saturday came again so quickly. Today was the 4th session, with clouds, wind and strong rain sometimes.


We started with Tai chi exercise and walking. During the walking exercise one person copied another person, then they exaggerated their own way of walking. I was expecting it’d become something more than walking, meaning the exaggeration would develop a new form but they were regarding “walk” very much. It was interesting and a new discovery for me.


Then we did following and leading. The rules were very easy, just walking but having to follow someone or lead. They were surprisingly good but some people were too shy. I think it is always important to feel the energy of the space.


We lay down on the floor then stood up over 30 minutes. I did a similar thing previously during a 3 week intensive class with Florence Augendre. It seemed difficult this time. I have to think about what to say, which words will work and what is suitable for us.

その後は床の上に横になり、そこから立ち上がるまで30分かけた。Body Mind Centerのフローランスのトレーニングを3週間受けた事があるけどやっぱりみんなとやるのはすごく難しかった。何を言うか、どの言葉を使うか、何がその状況にあっているか、考えないといけない。

David was making electrical circuits for an installation module.


We created about 10 minutes of the piece. I think we will progress this part more in the next session.


Time is running so quickly.