CITYLIGHTS~街の灯 Development Session 稽古 6-7

develop 6-3develop 6-4

It was a very nice development session at Steep Slope Studio. Yagi kun was sick last week and came back but instead this week Yu chan got a Norovirus. There is so much sickness around in Japan at the moment. David and I are also having quite sick days but now we’re OK. We have to take care about it very much.


develop 6develop 6-1

Anyway, all the performers are getting an understanding of our project now. I feel a difference in each rehearsal. I hope we can go to further, like understanding what is behind or surrounding us.


develop 6-2develop 6-5

The short performance structure is almost there. This is an LED light for our installation module. It is very bright.


test3 -

We did a live streaming test between the two venues, Izayoi Yoshidamachi studio in Yokohama and the Cleland Bond Building in Sydney. It was nice to see our project manager Daniel Potter wearing a half sleeve shirt. It is winter in Japan and summer in Sydney at the moment.


constructionMt. Fuji

We’ve recorded many interesting sounds for the installation and performance. I think it’s going to be very fun to mix many different sounds. This picture is Mt. Fuji from near my house. The winter air is very clear and also the sound. It is beautiful.

David left Japan to return to Sydney. We will continue working on Citylights~街の灯 between countries 7000km apart.