New work in development

We have been working on our new project in Studio 404, Parramatta. This residency was given to us by Form Dance.

The new work’s idea is based on Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania. Anna visited during a residency with Reina Kimura through Critical Path last year. There are lines of bubbles on the surface on the lake in the picture above if you look closely.

新作の創作が始まりました。Form Danceからスタジオ404という稽古場を頂きパラマッタに毎日通っています。

この新作のアイディアは昨年振付センターCritical Pathのプロジェクトで木村玲奈さんとタスマニアで作品を作る機会があり、その時Cradle MountainにあるDove Lakeという湖で見た泡からきています。上の写真をよく見ると線になった泡が見えます。

We started with focusing on the line between feet and floor.


After that we explored sound. David made a patch to move frequency as the surface of the lake.


We moved to a piano to find the possibility of creating surfactants which cause bubbles on the water surface.

We are really excited about what will come from here.