The Nightline

Photo by Urban Theatre Projects

David is currently working as a venue technician and operator for The Nightline by Roslyn Oades, Bob Scott and collaborators in the abandoned Bow’s restaurant, Blacktown.

デイビットは11月1日から始まるブラックタウンにある廃墟となったレストランBow’sで行われる演劇The Nightline(作 ロズリンオーズ、音楽 ボブスコット、他コラボレーター)のテクニカルとオペレーターをします。

The Nightline is an audio portrait of the night inspired by locally-sourced anonymous phone messages, left between the hours of midnight and 6am. At the heart of The Nightline is a creative partnership between director Roslyn Oades and sound artist Bob Scott. In the spirit of creative non-fiction, The Nightline recomposes from reality to conjure up a shared story and a temporary community of sorts – made up of those still awake after midnight. The work draws on field recordings, phone messages, composition and site-responsive design to create an immersive theatrical audio experience. Step into an exclusive underground listening club designed for insomniacs, night owls, lonely-hearts, worriers and dreamers. The Nightline promises companionship to the sleepless and rest to the restless

The Nightline is a part of Urban Theatre Projects’ ‘RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW.’ festival.
1st Nov – 17th Nov
Thu – Sat 6pm

The Nightlineはアーバンシアタープロジェクト「RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW.」フェスティバルの一環で行われます。
木ー土 6時