Travelling in March

Recently I (Anna) ran a masterclass as part of Asia TOPA, Body Archive program at Dancehouse, Melbourne.

メルボルン、ダンスハウスで行われたAsia TOPAフェスティバル一貫のBody Archive programにてワークショップをしました。

We spent 2 hours for warming up, using Tai chi and passing through exercise to increase awareness of space. I did one run through Window then dancers started to draw their own windows.


Dancers worked based on Window choreography, their memory and drawings to make their own movement. It was such a special to watch. Each dancers showed their own Window. I was touched, very surprised and inspired with the variety of possibility in this choreography. I am looking forward to work Window by teaching other people and making full length work.


Thank you very much, Momoko, Takashi, Fiona and Risa for participating in ‘Working With Windows’. I am lucky to have watched their dance.

「Working With Window」ワークショップに来て下さったモモコ、タカシ、フィオナ、リサ、本当にありがとうございました。皆さんのダンスを観る事が出来て、とても感動したのでした。

On the second day, I visited Phillip Adams, Ballet Lab’s Temperance Hall finally. It was beautiful space. I can’t wait to see what will be happening in that space which making history.

2日目はフィリップアダムスの主宰するBallet Labダンスカンパニーの新拠点Temperance Hallへ行きました。写真撮り忘れちゃった。美しいスペースです。これからどんな作品が生まれて上演されていくかすごく楽しみです。

I had a meeting with How Ngean and watched ‘Dancing with Death’ by Pichet Klunchun. I did catch up with Asako Miura, lighting designer for ‘Dancing with Death’. She did lighting for Window at the Toyota Choreography Award.

その後ハオニェンとミーティングをし、ピチェクランチェンの「Dancing with Death」を観に行きました。作品の照明をされてる三浦あさこさんと再会することができてとても嬉しかったです。

On the third day, we had roundtable talk ‘Continuing the contemporary’ by Eko Supriyanto (Indonesia), Victoria Chiu (Aus/China), Anna Kuroda (Aus/Japan) – facilitated by How Ngean. Eko, Victoria and How Ngean, Their thoughts, experience and issues revealed at the talk were so intriguing. I am processing and re-thinking myself still.
I had really great time and met wonderful people.

I’d like to thank Angela, Dancehouse and How Ngean for inviting me to this amazing journey. I had such a fruitful time. I thought and expressed myself a lot which helped becoming stronger as an independent artist.

3日目、ハオニェンによって集められた振付家、エコスプリヤント、ビクトリアチウと私による「Continuing the contemporary」トークがありました。エコ、ビクトリア、ハオニェン3人とも違うけど根本的に同じ問題を提議して、それに対する考え、過去にあった経験が聞けてすごく面白かったです。まだトークで話した内容を今でも思い出す程、とても刺激的でした。


Hilton Qingdao China

Hilton Qingdao China

David is currently working on a film production in Qingdao, China until April. The details will be announced in 2018.


I will perform with Charemaine Seet at Whip It, 107 in Redfern.
8:30 PM Thur 16th March
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