Wellington Lux Proposal – Shima for Wellington

Murasaki Penguin Wellington Lux Hero Image

Above and below are example images of how ‘Shima for Wellington’ could look if located in an inaccessible area of Queen’s Wharf. Other options that will work well include industrial or large foyer-type spaces, indoors or out.

Next are previous works in our ‘Shima’ series. These include a performance/installation at the Underbelly Arts Festival on Cockatoo Island and a smaller scale installation at At The Vanishing Point Contemporary Art Gallery in Newtown, both in Sydney, Australia. A later work in the series, ‘Shima for Napoli’, was developed in Italy, drawing its content from the environment unique to the area where we were living at the time. ‘Shima for Wellington’ will draw its inspiration from Wellington Harbour, while introducing the flower screen concept, enhanced technologies and refined LED flowers.

Lastly, please watch an excerpt from our first Shima series work below. Although it is more performance than installation, it shares the base themes and atmosphere we are looking to communicate with the ‘Shima for Wellington’ installation.