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  • Motion Theory 2 at Adaptations complete!

    We have just returned from a very full-on 5.5 weeks in Singapore. Being involved in ‘Adaptations’ was a great opportunity for us. We would like to recount a little of the experience in this post. シンガポールの約6週間の滞在制作が無事終わりました。展示「Adaptations」に参加して、とても有意義な時間を過ごすことができました。少しまとめて振り返りたいと思います。

  • Motion Theory Performance Update

    Adaptations will be closing this Saturday…Our final performance is now 8:00PM Sat 9th Feb.There is a performance following by Wu Junhan x Ong Kian Peng at 8:45PM. Looking forward to see you at BLK 9 Gillman Barracks! —

  • Motion Theory Performance Schedule

    We have 2 more performances at Adaptations BLK 9, Gillman Barracks, SingaporeFri 1st Feb 8:00PMSat 9th Feb 8:00PMLooking forward to see you there! —

  • Motion Theory Performance

    Our next performance at Adaptations, Gillman Barracks BLK 9 is today (Friday) at 8:30pm. Please come along if you’re in Singapore. 次のパフォーマンスは8時半です。シンガポールにいらしたら是非Art After Darkとあわせてギルマンバラックス(BLK9)へ! —

  • Adaptations in Singapore Art Week

    We are excited about making a new work, collaborating with Kian Peng Ong for Adaptations at Singapore Art Week 2019. It will be our second development of Motion Theory. シンガポールアートウィークのプログラム「Adaptations」でオンキアンペンと再びコラボレーションします。前回の作品Motion Theoryを発展させた新作を発表します。