CITYLIGHTS~街の灯 Development Session 稽古1

We arrived in Japan about a week ago, then the first development session started in Steep Slope Studio.


First of all, I am so happy to work with the Japanese young artists on this project. They are very talented, smart and trained. We started with Tai chi exercise, introduced each other, explained what we’ve done so far and then saw the video of the last rehearsal in the Sydney venue.


Then we did a sculpture exercise. They were so precise and took time to make it interesting. They are thinking about each other a lot rather than only doing. I really need to see carefully what is suitable for each person’s specialty of the body, and movement with everyone.


Before rehearsal we said hello to Kato san from Steep Slope Studio. Ohira san from ST spot came to see the rehearsal today. This project’s key Japanese partner organizations are ST spot, Steep Slope Studio and our venue Izayoi Yoshidamachi Studio. They are so helpful. I appreciate it so much. I’m looking forward to see tomorrow!!