Depth Residency Round 2 Started!

Today we started round 2 of our Depth research thanks to a Brand X residency.

Our venue is the old Camperdown Bowling Centre. It was very warm today but nice chilled wind breezed through the room.

Depth Sounds

Our collaborator Kei Ikeda also joined us again from today.

Depth Sounds

Remembering the feedback from our last Depth residency and considering this space, we decided to focus especially on depth of sound and its relationship to movement.

Depth Sounds

This time David led the day, experimenting with feeling sound reflections around us, understanding how we experience sound by using a singing bowl.

We tried many ideas like strings attached to cups, changing the position of our singing bowl relative to walls in the space, moving the bowl at different speeds and movement improvisation based on the bowl’s sound.

It was a very good start. We are looking forward to see what will happen from here.