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  • On Offline Days

    I (Anna) just finished 3 months working on a film. David finished Leading is Following is Leading at Liveworks Festival. We have been taking some online classes. There were some great experiences along the way. 私は7月より再開した映画の撮影も無事終わり、デイビットはLiveworksのフェスティバルも終わり、近頃はオンラインのクラスやワークショップを受けています。とても良かったその一部をご紹介。

  • Subtle Downtempo No Trailer

    https://www.facebook.com/rawmoves.sg/videos/1212060048970100/ 25-27 July 2019 @ Block O, Goodman Arts Centre Book your Ticket

  • Motion Theory 2 at Adaptations complete!

    We have just returned from a very full-on 5.5 weeks in Singapore. Being involved in ‘Adaptations’ was a great opportunity for us. We would like to recount a little of the experience in this post. シンガポールの約6週間の滞在制作が無事終わりました。展示「Adaptations」に参加して、とても有意義な時間を過ごすことができました。少しまとめて振り返りたいと思います。

  • Japan trip July-August

    We have been wandering around Japan for the last couple of months. First up, we went to Kutsukifuruya in Shiga prefecture to visit our friend Riki. He is currently working with Rokusai Nenbutsu Odori performers to preserve the artform. この数か月は日本に滞在しておりました。まず日本に着いてから私たちは滋賀県の朽木古屋へ行ってきたのです。目的は武田力さんが近年保存に取り組んでいる六斎念仏踊りを見に行くためでした。