Trisha Brown Workshop in Yokohama

Two dancers Eva Karczag and Lisa Kraus are flying © Lois Greenfield


Dancing Decoy and Lining Up — A Trisha Brown Repertory Workshop with Lisa Kraus

In this workshop we’ll explore a range of movement qualities and choreographic strategies in the work of Trisha Brown. Tuning the body to dance in a released, well-aligned, and sustainable way, we’ll learn sections of Line Up and Glacial Decoy and reset parts of those dances that were originally created through improvisation. The viewing of videos of works by Trisha Brown along with commentary by Lisa Kraus will enhance the understanding of Brown’s work.
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13. 4. 2024(Sat)10:00~16:00
14. 4. 2024(Sun)10:00~16:00
※ There will be a lunch break each day


4247-21 Totsuka-cho, Totsuka ku, Yokohama city, Kanagawa 〒244-0003 venue map

〇 7 minutes’ walk from Totsuka Station
※ We will also walk to an additional venue nearby for part of the workshop


Two-day Registration 22,000 yen

The workshop is now fully booked.


Lisa Kraus

Lisa Kraus danced with Trisha Brown between 1976 and 1983, creating roles in Duetude, Glacial Decoy, Opal Loop and Son of Gone Fishin’. She choreographed and presented her own work over more than three decades and taught extensively in Europe and the U.S. Since 2003 she has re-staged dances for the Trisha Brown Dance Company at venues including Paris Opera Ballet and the Venice Biennale. She currently serves on the Company’s Artistic Advisory Committee.

© Jean Pagliuso

Trisha Brown 1936 – 2017

Trisha’s birthplace roots were in rural Aberdeen, Washington, Brown – a 1958 graduate of Mills College Dance Department – arrived in New York in 1961. She is one of the founders of Judson Dance Theater – greatly contributing to the fervency of interdisciplinary creativity that defined 1960s New York. Expanding the physical behaviors that qualified as dance, she discovered the extraordinary in the everyday, and brought tasks, rulegames, natural movement, and improvisation into the making of choreography.

One of the most acclaimed and influential choreographers and dancers of her time, Trisha’s groundbreaking work forever changed the landscape of art.
More about Trisha Brown can be found on the TBDC Official Website. Additional information in Japanese with links to further reading can be found on Wikipedia.

Diane Madden and Lisa Kraus are dancing in Glacial Decoy © Nathaniel Tileston

Trisha Brown Dance Company

The Trisha Brown Dance Company is dedicated to the performance and preservation of the work of Trisha Brown and projects related to her legacy. Established in 1970, TBDC has toured throughout the world presenting work, teaching, and building relationships with audiences and artists alike. TBDC Official Website

Glacial Decoy, which we will learn about in this workshop, is Trisha Brown and Robert Rauschenberg’s first collaborative work created in 1979, and is said to be a major turning point in Brown’s career. She transitioned from working in non-traditional and art world settings to assume the role of a choreographer working within the institutional framework associated with dancing – the proscenium stage. She established the parameters for their artistic dialogue at the outset, drawing inspiration from the theater’s geometry and sightlines.

Reference videos and image

Excerpt: “Glacial Decoy” (1979). Performance: Brooklyn Academy of Music 2009 Jump to TBDC Vimeo
Lisa Kraus teaches Glacial Decoy to Paris Opera Ballet
Photo of Lisa Kraus, Mona Sulzman, Trisha Brown, Wendy Perron, and Elizabeth Garren performing “Line Up.” Reposted from Wendy Perron.

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