Dates and Location (日本語はこちら)

Depth - From 12th to 23rd May 2014 - DAIR Residency - ReadyMade Works, Sydney, Australia


Murasaki Penguin together with dancer Kei Ikeda, have been exploring techniques for pushing the boundaries of dimensionality, particularly depth, in our dance and multimedia practice.
During this DAIR residency we aimed to break dimensionality down and approach it from two key perspectives. Physically, we worked with speed, positioning, rotation, aspect and persistence of vision in dance. Technically, we focused on projection onto dancers and their surrounds without flattening the space or the dancers’ movement within it, a current limitation of much tracking and projection technology.

About DAIR (Dance Artist In Residence)

Ausdance NSW DAIR program offers space residencies at various host venues for members of Ausdance NSW who are independent dance artists, collectives or companies. This program is a direct response to the ongoing challenge of access to affordable and appropriate spaces for the development of their dance practice, creative development, mentorships and rehearsal of work.


By Murasaki Penguin
Choreographer and dancer - Anna Kuroda, Kei Ikeda
Interactive lighting design and projection - David Kirkpatrick
Costume - Anna Kuroda
Documentation Videography - Vinh Nguyen
Supporter - Ausdance NSW


Depth - 2014年5月12日から23日 - DAIRレジデンス - レディメイドワークス、シドニー、オーストラリア



DAIR(ダンス アーティスト イン レジデンス)について

Ausdance NSW DAIRプログラムはAnsdance NSWのメンバーの選ばれた個人又は団体の芸術家に対しリハーサル会場を提供します。このプログラムは作家の新しい試み、ダンスの調査、作品創作、指導、練習などの発展をサポートするため会場を手配する事により直接的に働きかけます。


作 - Murasaki Penguin
振付、ダンス - 黒田杏菜、池田慧
照明、映像デザイン - デイビットカークパトリック
衣裳 - 黒田杏菜
記録映像 - ヴィンニュエン
企画、協力 - Ausdance NSW