2020 Has Begun

記録をめぐるダンス Photo by Toshi Kiuchi

We are back in Sydney after welcoming the new year in Japan. We’re reset and ready for a year of interesting projects wherever they may appear.

ダンスと記録を巡る話 Photo by David Kirkpatrick

While in Japan Anna was asked to create a short autobiographical performance about her experience as a dancer living in Western Sydney, Australia. The piece was curated by Mari Fukutome for group exhibition しきりベント vol 3 at Whenever Wherever Festival run by artists Aokid, Toshi Kiuchi, Kei Shichiri, Mina Nishimura, Mari Fukutome, Yutaro Murakoso, Rick Yamakawa and Kota Yamazaki. The festival was a great experience. It was a mixture of architecture, theatre, visual arts, dance, beach yoga, Butoh archive discussion, film, drawing and improvisation… many elements happening interactively in the same place. We met wonderful artists and audience members. Thank you very much for inviting us to be involved!

1月24日~26日に元映画館で行われた しきりベント vol 3, Whenever Wherever Festival にて「記録をめぐるダンス」を創作、発表しました。建築、演劇、美術、ダンス、ビーチヨガ、舞踏アーカイブ、映画、ドローイング等様々な要素が同時に交差する、とても新鮮なイベントでした。私もデイビットも素敵な方々と出会い刺激を頂き、お誘いくださったキュレーターの福留麻里さん、観に来てくださった方々、アーティストおよび主催者の方達に感謝です。この出会いが今後に繋がると良いなと思います。

Rothko Seagram Murals - Photo On Postcard By Osamu Watanabe
Rothko Seagram Murals at Kawamura Museum – Photo on postcard by Osamu Watanabe

We also visited Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art’s Rothko room to see 7 of the ‘Seagram Murals’. The once-a-day coach from Tokyo Station started off surrounded by skyscrapers, spent quite some time on a highway, then a quiet road surrounded by forest and traditional houses, finally arriving at a seemingly secret garden containing the museum, full of great art, and an unexpectedly impressive restaurant. David feels Mark Rothko’s paintings and our performance works share a similar aim; to connect on a subconscious level through a web of relationships between movement, image, sound and space.


Murasaki Penguin Showreel 2020

After returning to Sydney we updated our 3 minute showreel to include Subtle Downtempo No, created in Singapore during 2019. The new showreel version is above and on our home page.

Welcome 2020. Let’s get the world back on the rails!

新しい3分のプロモーション動画をアップしました。昨年シンガポールで作った新作Subtle Downtempo Noも含まれています。