Author: David Kirkpatrick

  • 2024 is here!

    2024 is here!

    Happy New Year! Thank you to everyone who experienced Murasaki Penguin works Stutter, Night Walk and Dove Lake this year, and to everyone who participated in events at MPP Totsuka. We have a lot of interesting projects planned for 2024 so please sign up to our mailing list and keep an eye on our social…

  • Translating Colour and Sound Lab

    Translating Colour and Sound Lab

    On the 23rd November 2023 we are running a ‘Translating Colour and Sound Lab’ for young people in collaboration with LITTLE ARTISTS LEAGUE. It is inspired by our recent work ‘Stutter‘ which will be part of YPAM this year. Participants will be able to paint with light and sound, with the results being shown at…

  • Stutter is coming to YPAM Fringe 2023

    Stutter is coming to YPAM Fringe 2023

    ‘Stutter’ will be a part of YPAM Fringe this year. The season will consist of 5 shows from the 15th – 17th December 2023 at MPP Totsuka in Yokohama, Japan. RAW Moves will be flying over from Singapore to join us. Tickets are available now! For more information please visit the Stutter event page. YPAMフリンジにて…

  • Night Walk New Work in Yokohama

    Night Walk New Work in Yokohama

    ‘Night Walk’ is our latest dance installation performance. The premiere season will consist of 5 shows from the 8th – 9th July 2023 at Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Centre Studio HIKARI in Yokohama, Japan. Tickets are available now! For more information please visit the Night Walk event page. Murasaki Penguin新作「Night Walk」ダンス、展示パフォーマンスのクリエイションを行っています。2023年7月8日~9日神奈川県立青少年センタースタジオHIKARIにて5回公演を行います。チケット発売開始されました。是非お越しください。 公演詳細はこちら Night Walk マグカルシアター参加公演

  • 2020 Has Begun

    We are back in Sydney after welcoming the new year in Japan. We’re reset and ready for a year of interesting projects wherever they may appear.

  • IMAGinE Award Win

    Fairfield On Film, for which David built a touch-screen movie player app, won the 2018 ‘Exhibition Programs – Museums’ IMAGinE Award for small/medium organisations. The app displayed videos created by CuriousWorks and was deployed on pedestal-mounted tablets for the exhibition.

  • Nightline’s Last Week

    This is the final week to experience ‘The Nightline’ at the abandoned Bow’s restaurant in Blacktown. “Step into an exclusive underground listening club designed for insomniacs, night owls, lonely-hearts and dreamers.” There will be 3 shows each night on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. David will be there operating. The Nightline was created by Roslyn Oades,…

  • CITYLIGHTS~街の灯 was a success!

    Photo by Kazuyuki Matsumoto. 撮影: 松本和幸 Well, how about that! CITYLIGHTS~街の灯 has come to an end. Anna Kuroda and I spent a year developing the work in Sydney and Yokohama, sometimes together, often staying in touch between countries using live streaming software. It has been a challenge but at the same time an experience we will…

  • 新作 CITYLIGHTS~街の灯 出演者募集!〆切10月24日

    黒田杏菜とDavid Kirkpatrickが横浜とシドニーふたつの会場をつなぎ同時に行うインスタレーションとパフォーマンスを制作します。動き、音、映像とインスタレー ションに関わり、私達とオーストラリア側の参加者と共に実験し、学ぶ事に興味がある方、一緒にワークしてくださる方を探しています。

  • New Look Website!

    Hello! Welcome to the new Murasaki Penguin website. Currently we are working on a new production called CITYLIGHTS~街の灯. Please let us know if you find any problems with the website. thank you, ウェブサイト新しくしました!CITYLIGHTS~街の灯の出演者募集中です。 何かページに見づらい所、間違い、エラーなどがございましたら教えて下さい。