Murasaki Penguin’s new work ‘Sit’ at NEAR X FAR

Murasaki Penguin’s new installation ‘Sit’ will be a part of NEAR X FAR Exhibition at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre from 22nd July until 17th September. This is an inspiration image.

Near x Far presents a constellation of spaces connected by the artists who occupy them. Artists from Western Sydney were invited to document the spaces in which they dwell.  These spaces include the physical home but expand further afield into natural landscapes, thoroughfares and the metaphysical world. The  result is a map of Western Sydney as a centre from which a myriad of spaces and movements radiate.

Also included is a material exploration of how space might be mapped, marked and remembered across a range of forms including photography, light, sound, performance, sculpture and pattern making.

Near x Far reveals  new perspectives on Western Sydney through artists Rebecca Gallo, Matthew James, Murasaki Penguin, Shireen Taweel, Grace Toiava, Hannah Toohey, and Vaughan and Vincent Wozniak-O’Connor.

Curated by Brittany D’Chong

Exhibition Launch: Saturday 22 July, 1 – 4pm

Murasaki Penguinの新作が7月22日からグループ展「NEAR X FAR」にてCasula Powerhouse Arts Centreで展示されます。現在その作品を制作中です。